Pugs are my passion and my life. I have dedicated my time, love and money to their care and happiness for many years now, some say to the detriment of my own, but I wouldn't have it any other way. Pugs are the most amazing little characters, full of life and mischief, all with unique personalities. They are companion dogs who need a warm loving home with plenty of fuss and attention, good food and excercise.

Many pugs have come through the door here at bubblebecca pugs over the years for many different reasons. Some have been poorly treated or not received the care and love they need, others have been brought by caring owners who can no longer look after them due to various circumstances, but none have been turned away.

We will take in or collect any pug from anywhere, anytime and make sure it has a happy life, either here with us or with a new forever family.

All pugs have different personalities and therefore different needs and requirements, some love other dogs, some are great with children, some need a special diet and so on.

If you feel you could give a pug a happy life with loads of love please get in touch to discuss things further.